Why You Need to Shop Organic

It’s the age of the healthy man. Everyone’s obsessed with eating clean and working out, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a norm. Most people are embracing plant-based or similar diets that have rather enticing mental and physical benefits.

One Step Further

As of late, it’s not just healthy food that we are looking for. It is also fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy products that are GMO and pesticide free, i.e. organic food products. These products are grown or manufactured naturally without being pumped with growth hormones or sprayed with a nasty chemical. Not only are these commodities good for you, they have also proven to be safer and better tasting. Purchasing organic is recommended especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables, as many large-scale farms tend to use growth stimulating hormones or harsh pesticides in order to grow crops faster and churn them out in large quantities. It can further also lead to childrens vision problems.

Is It Worth the Price?

As wonderful as this is, it does come with a price. The slightly extravagant prices of healthy or organic food and beverages seem to be acting as a deterrent to most people who would potentially like to maintain this kind of lifestyle, making them think twice before making the switch. However, what we don’t realize is that organic food products are not only safer and better tasting they are even kinder to animals.

As opposed to large conglomerates that pump GMOs into any animal being reared for its meat or by-products just so that they can produce in mass at a minimum time cost, organically reared animals come from small farms and are treated with great care and are allowed to grow at their natural pace. Although there hasn’t been much evidence to say that all organic items are actually healthier than regular produce, it is easy to recognize the obvious benefits of eating food that has been grown or manufactured with due care and effort. For example, eating vegetables grown using natural pesticides or non at all would be far better for your body than eating food drenched in some unknown chemical.

Therefore, if you’re going to make a change in your life towards being healthy, why not go the extra mile? This is not to say that splurging on everything that is organic (and of a higher price) is necessary. Of course it is not, but a little bit of research will show you that certain products such as organic milk or organic tomatoes do indeed have higher nutritional value and thus you would actually benefit from spending a little more to buy them. So, read up and shop wise!