Drawbacks of Living in A Retirement Village


As you grow old there are less and less things you can do, and it is better to move to a nursing home without troubling any of your family members to take care of you. This notion of growing old is not there anymore. Many retired men and women are having the time of their lives by working more from home, going out on dates with new and interesting partners, traveling and even opting to live abroad. Many ways to come out of the sadness and boredom of retirement is moving to a retirement community. Be amongst people who think like you, and have a happy and stress free life. Although there are advantages to this, it comes with a set of disadvantages too. Read on to find more about these.
Higher expenses
According to research the amount of money that may go into spending on a nurse to take care of you when you are sick is much more expensive than paying for one while being in your own home. If you or any of your loved ones have fallen sick, and the aging process is deteriorating the little health that you have, it might take some hard thinking and decision making in order to decide on which scenario will lead to spending of more money, the first scenario of you being taken care of at home by the home health aides, or taken to the community for the attention that you require.
No independence
There are two types of people at retirement villages. Some of them are ones who love to socialize, mingle with one and other, and talk all day long, whereas there are another set of people who are complete opposite, and who wish to be alone without having to talk to anyone. They will read a book on the side, and not get in other people’s business in order to have more peace of mind, while having a say in all activities he/she does throughout the day.
As you grow old and become grandparents your lives tend to revolve less around your children and more around your grandkids, trying to constantly spoil them. One of the drawbacks of retirement villages in North Shore Auckland, is that everyone residing here is of a certain age. Everyone is old and does not consist of families with small children. For some who doesn’t have grandchildren, and isn’t much attached to the kids even if they had any, would not have a problem moving, as opposed to an individual who lived in a home with all family members and children.
Not the right time
You may have retired, and reached a particular age, but you do not necessarily feel feeble and can handle all chores and task in your home. If you ever feel as if you can handle yourself, and you are tyring to accept defeat by not doing things that you love, will make you regret your decision of ever living in a community.
Everything has its benefits and drawbacks. It is your duty to be able to properly understand yourself and your needs before plunging into something without the necessary research and information.