Home, The Place of Real Comfort


Have you ever wondered, why we say “Home Sweet Home” to our houses? The word “Sweet”, as always refers to some kind of a pleasing and sound quality. And, no doubts that we all think of our homes as the most pleasing and the sound place for us to live till the death do us apart. It, indeed, is the place where people seek comfort in. They are very well aware of the fact that homes can provide shelter and security unlike any other place.

However, the house alone can’t provide us with comfort and ease. Also, there should be inhabitants who are supposedly care for us, love us and provide protection for us. So a house filled with all these requirements can be called as a “home sweet home.”
Yet, it is pathetic to state that there are people who haven’t got any proper abode, at all; people whose lives are wasted on the road. And the present society has defined such people as the poor. If not we call them as the downtrodden class. It is the general belief that the capitalistic society stands on the poor people and governs them with all their power. However, these types of situations are not to be seen in the present day society. But, it does not mean that such incidents do not take place in the society anymore.

While keeping that in mind, we see that sometimes people who are coming from the well-to-do families, especially the old ones, remain homeless. In fact, they are taken care of by the retirement villages or the aged care residences.

They might miss the love and affection from their own family members, yet they receive enough care and protection from the working staff. In retirement villages in NZ, the aged are provided with all the facilities that should be yielded from a home. Thus, it is not wrong to say that the aged are presented with a “home from home”.

When the old people receive such treatments from responsible staff members, who are ever ready to serve the aged out of humanity and kindness, there are children in the society who have never even seen what a house looks like. Why? Because their entire lives are spent on the roads, begging from people to find their day today meals. So the world is such a diverse place that itself provides shelter to all the living creatures on the earth.

Interestingly, every one of us seeks the comfort we gain through our own dwellings. And the earth itself knows how important it is for the living beings to live under its protection. But the irony remains still. That is because there are hundreds and millions of people who still have no proper dwelling to shelter themselves. So how will they ever now the true meaning of a “Home Sweet Home”?