How Your Sleep Practices Affect You and Your Relationship


Admit it, you know how important it is that you sleep well. Everyone from your mother, to your teachers, to even family doctors don’t forget to stress on how important it is to sleep well. Though an adult is supposed to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep in average for a healthy life, it’s also very clear that most people now-a-days don’t really follow the rules when it comes to sleep.

But apart from it affecting your health (and a lot of important other things in life,) did you know that it also effects your relationship? In fact, it’s not only how many hours a night you sleep that matters, it’s also how you sleep. We’ve put together a few reason as to how catching your “zzz”s can affect you and your relationship.

Being awake past bedtime.

Reading, studying and working are all normal practices that people now-a-days follow. The problem though, happens when your habits disturb the sleep of the ones sharing your room. When in a relationship specially, and sharing a bed, having the person next to you engrossed in a book and refused to turn the light off, or even dim the lights, can be very annoying, and it can also make sleep hard to achieve.

Try to avoid reading at night, or use a kindle or iPad with the lights dimmed so that you don’t disturb your bed-mate’s sleep. If you have to study, try not study in the bedroom if you feel it will help.

When your sleep is too noisy.

Snoring can affect your relationship too. Snoring causes lack of proper sleep and can make you tired during the day. This can make you a little hard to be around. No one likes an often irritated and grumpy person. It also affects the sleep of your partner. No one will tell you to stop snoring though, as they know it’s not something you do voluntarily.

But did you know that you can control your snoring, or get help by stop snoring Sydney, if you adjust the way you sleep? Avoid sleeping on your back, and if possible, avoid consuming alcohol and smoking, as they are things that makes you snore as well.

What lack of sleep does?

In case you still haven’t understood what lack of sleep does to your body, let us elaborate.

It not only makes you short tempered, irritated and grumpy, but it also effects your sense of humor. It also affects your health. It makes your immune system weak, which will eventually make you fall sick easily. Breathe Well can help you solve all your sleeping related problems. 

It also affects how you look. Not only does not having enough sleep give you dark circles, it’s also one of the common reason why people get acne. Not to mention it’s not too attractive when someone looks sleepy and tired every day! For the sake of your health, your looks and your relationship, please try to get proper sleep.