What Causes Speech Problems In Children?


Kids are often found to suffer from speech and language problems. But what causes those problems? All kids are not born with such issues, but they start suffering from such problems due to variety of reasons. Here are some common reasons of speech and language problems in children. 

General speech language delay:

This problem is very common and this is also cured by applying some general methods. An efficient speech therapist in Melboune can help your child to solve this issue faster. In this problem a child learns a bit slowly than other kids of same age. But this problem cannot last for years so there is nothing to worry about. It is easily recognizable and easily cured if you apply some homemade remedies too. However, for best result you should visit a doctor who will diagnose your kid and apply therapy. And then the child can easily talk like normal children.

Expressive language problems:

In this problem a child can understand everything, even he or she can understand the relationship with his or her family. But he or she lacks interaction with others as he or she cannot express the words clearly. So, in this process speech comes with a late period and in that mean time the child struggles to communicate with others in a normal way. But if you can consult with a speech therapist in Dandenong, then it can be cured easily.

Receptive language problem:

This is a condition where a child lacks proper words to communicate and people cannot hear his words clearly as he talks with a dizzy or unclear sound. These kids also feel problems with directions and cannot easily understand clearly. If you point out something he or she may not be able to locate it. Speech therapy is okay but the best way to cure this is to consult a doctor who will take intensive care and this case takes longer times than normal to cure.


This is seriously a problem nowadays. Children who are suffering from autism cannot clearly talk and locate something in a normal way. Speech delay is normal thing in this case and the worst part is that they suffer from developmental issues. Only professional care can make this children happy because it takes long times to communicate even with proper therapy, and the treatment process is not at all easy. You have to go through speech therapy, behavioral modification etc.

Cerebral palsy:

Vocal condition is damaged in this condition and the children who suffer from this problem cannot easily move their spasms in the mouth and tongue. Speech therapy and accurate diagnosis may help in this matter. Development will be delayed even with intensive care.


This is also a serious problem where a child feel serious problem while talking and people can understand hardly anything he or she tells.